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Recent Testimonials For Our Exterior Cleaning Services

Monday, May 8th 2017 10:26pm

Hello and welcome to our blog here at Evolution Proclean, the No 1 outdoor cleaning service in Northern Ireland. We are the business who use the softwash option when required to ensure our clients get great results every time whilst not doing any damage to the surrounding areas or the environment.

Outdoor Cleaning Services Reviews

Today we thought we would share with you a couple of testimonials we have received recently from customers who couldn`t have been more pleased with our services. We always love to hear feedback from our customers as it is very important to us that we have managed to more than live up to their expectations. Below are the testimonials for you to check out.

Testimonial From Linda Dewhirst

"So happy with the service. Our tarred driveway was covered in moss. Couldn`t believe the difference before and after....fantastic job. Gary was very reliable, professional and I would highly recommend him. Thanks again."

Testimonial From Linda Gillespie

"What a fantastic and professional company. I will be using Gary again and again. My house, tarmac and patios have been transformed. The moss was removed from the roof and treated, and is just gleaming now as well as my guttering and fascia boards. I can`t recommend them enough. Thanks you so much for an excellent job!!"

All we can say is thank you very much to the two Linda`s for such glowing reviews (these reviews were given to us on our Facebook page by the way). As you can see whether we are treating and cleaning driveways, patios, roofs or guttering we get great results every time. Moss can be a particular problem for many outside areas and the removal of this moss so that it does not grow back so readily is a speciality of ours. When we do a cleaning job it is unlikely that the area will need to be cleaned again for some time.

Cleaning Your Home Or Offices Outside

So if you have an area outside your home or your offices that need cleaning, be it a roof, some guttering, walls, benches, drives, patios, decking, steps etc, why not get in touch with us for a chat about what we can do for you. Please ring us on 07525 900 748.

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