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Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

The methods we use for gutter cleaning and clearing is a very modern and safe way to do this difficult job. Gutter cleaning is a task that should be done once a year for most houses, but, if the property is under trees, twice a year is recommended.

Why take the risk of having your gutters damaged by ladders or even have some roof tiles cracked or broken by someone trying to access your gutter by getting on your garage or conservatory roof?

We have a large industrial vacuum, for a demo of my guttervac see below, that is connected to a large bore hose and then on to our 50mm carbon fibre poles. With these poles and our many different end fittings we can clean out gutters up to the 4th floor all from the safety of the ground. This includes difficult to reach guttering over garage roofs, conservatories and other areas where access to use a ladder is impossible.

To enable me to see just what is in your gutters I have a HD camera and a receiver fitted to my poles to ensure everything is removed and the gutters are free flowing once more.

We will remove everything from moss, leaves and soil, to grass and other plants, even if it is in extremely bad condition. In addition to this we will also unblock downspouts and also, if necessary, unblock the drain at the ground level to ensure all the water will drain away properly.

Gutter Cleaning

SpaceVac Technology

In addition to cleaning we can also do minor guttering repairs but please mention this during the initial phone call.

As there are no ladders involved difficult access is not a problem, the short gutter that is on most dormer windows and even over garage roofs and conservatories can be cleaned with ease.

Clearing Your Gutter

After clearing the gutters we use a gentle non caustic cleaner and soft brush to clean the gutters, fascia and soffit before rinsing with clean water. In addition to this we then clean all the windows, including conservatories to complete the job.

A little known fact is that due to health and safety rules if you, the homeowner, get someone in to work on your property and they fall due to poor working practices, you, are in fact partly liable for them, as you requested they work on your property.

Don't get caught out by employing someone who may not adhere to health and safety rules.

As we do most of our work from ground level, and are fully insured for both public liability and for damage to the property, you can be assured we have your interests in mind at all times. With Evolution ProClean you know you are in safe hands in more ways than one.

If you let your guttering get clogged up by leaves and debris this can create all manner of problems, from the guttering coming loose and getting damaged, to the water in your gutter building up and leaking out in unexpected places. So if you want your gutter cleared and cleaned please get in touch with us by ringing 07525 900 748.


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