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Power Washing

Power Washing Services

We also carry out power washing with an industrial diesel powered power washer, it generates 3000 psi of water pressure and is brilliant for cleaning concrete surfaces like driveways and paths.

With the wet climate we have in the UK and Ireland most concrete surfaces will become dirty and start to grow green and black algae on them. Steps in particular can be extremely slippery when they get to this stage, so power washing these surfaces will return them to looking their best very quickly, and also reduce the chances of a serious slip or fall.

I am also equipped with a whirlaway rotary cleaner, this is especially useful to clean delicate surfaces as when using this, and with the pressure lowered, I can clean without doing any damage.

Power washing is a great way to clean many other concrete surfaces, such as steps, garage forecourts, dog enclosures, cattle sheds, chicken houses and pretty much anything else you can think of made of concrete.

Cleaning a tarmac driveway is a more difficult task. If it is covered with moss so the only way to clean it is to first remove the worst clumps of moss and treat it with Softwash Solution, then, after a few weeks the remaining moss needs to be removed with a stiff brush. This is followed by gently cleaning using my rotary cleaner and low pressure. This will remove what is left of the moss and clean all the dirt etc that is ingrained in the tarmac.

By removing the moss and killing the roots and spores, this will keep the tarmac free from moss for quite some time. If you were to just power wash the tarmac with high pressure, not only would you damage the surface and remove stones from it, you would also leave roots of the moss in place and so the moss would return very quickly.

Pressure Washing In Difficult Areas

As my pressure washer is diesel powered and needs no electric, I can wash anywhere that is required and can also bring my own water tank if necessary.


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