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In Ireland and the U.K. we have our fair share of wet and windy weather, and because of this most roofs get discoloured and get colonised with moss, algae and lichens, but by using our methods we can safely and completely remove these unsightly issues easily. The process we use to clean a roof is called softwashing, it is a slower process but a very thorough one.

Do Not Power Wash Your Roof!

Many companies will power wash roofs and, whilst it may look good initially, it will not stay clean for long at all, it's quite simple, what is growing on the roof must be killed or it will return very quickly and often return worse than before it was cleaned. This is due to the power washer spreading the algae and moss spores in every direction, including blasting them up further under the edges of the tiles. The power washing action can also strip off a fine layer of the tile and leave it more porous, so giving the moss and green algae an even better grip to start to re-colonize the roof. Most roofing manufacturers do not recommend power washing as it can take years off the life of your roof.

Softwash Solution

The product we use for roof cleaning is called Softwash Solution and is made by a company called Softwash Solutions, more info can be found at www.softwashsolutions.ie

We are trained and approved by Softwash Solutions in the use of its professional products for roof cleaning.

To clean a mossy discoloured roof, first it would be gently scraped using plastic scrapers, then brushed clean of any moss, finally it would liberally soaked with Softwash Solution and that's it, it is left to let the weather do the rest.

The Roof Cleaning Process

The roof cleaning process is quite slow with the cleansing taking 9- 12 months to completely finish its work, although obviously with the moss removed there is quite a difference immediately and it does start to clean within days. Think of it this way, if the roof took 15-20 years to get to the stage it is at now surely another 9-12 months to fully clean it the proper way won't make any difference? And at the end of it all the roof will not have lost any of its integrity and will last for many years to come.

Another advantage of using this method of cleaning is that it helps to keep the moss off your roof for a lot longer than conventional means. Think about this, if you go out to your garden and pull the top of a weed growing up between the slabs of your path it will be back again very quickly, as you haven't killed the root. Same goes for moss, scrape or power wash it away and it won't remove the root and will return very quickly. That is not the case with softwashing as it will kill all the roots of the moss that are between and under the edges of your roof tiles.

If the roof that you need cleaned is very large, I have access to a network of other approved roof cleaning companies, they can be brought in to help out on the job as we all work with each other to ensure fast and efficient service. You can be assured that no job is too big or too difficult for us to do, anything from a two bed bungalow to a 200 bed hotel is well within our capabilities.

The first task on site will always be a full health and safety assessment followed by a detailed survey to work out best practice for access to the roof, this can range from using roof ladders on a bungalow to full cherry picker or other hoist for large multi storey buildings, in all cases the focus will always be safety, both our safety and your safety, including closing off any areas where the public have access to under where we may be working.


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